Palau Disaster Risk Reduction Phase 2 Workshop

In August 2012, DP&R organized, planned and executed a Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop in the Republic of Palau. The 3-day workshop was hosted by the Palau National Emergency Management Office (NEMO). The theme of the first day was “Establish a Base Line”. The agenda included an executive-level review of the development and implementation of the Palau National Disaster Risk Management Framework (NDRMF) 2010, the roles of the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) and other Palau Ministries (including a vignette from a recent disaster response). Similarly, the AGCMEP team provided the corresponding U.S. disaster response framework established for obtaining U.S. assistance through USAID/OFDA process. The theme of the second day was “Improving on the Assessment”. The agenda included the presentations on information management, emergency logistics and medical issues. The theme of the third day was “Building Readiness and Resilience”. The agenda included presentations on exercise development and role of academic institutions. An example of the reach back capability that the AGCMEP team can help bring to bear from academia was highlighted during the UH/National Disaster Preparedness Training Center’s (NDPTC) block of instruction in which they shared their recently published homeowner’s handbook for disaster preparedness.