Ministry of Emergency Situations Assessment in the Kyrgyz Republic

DP&R executed an Army Global Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness (AGCMEP) Program assessment supporting the Montana and Mississippi National Guard and the USG Country Team in the Kyrgyz Republic, 15-17 May 2013, by collecting data across an interagency delegation from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES), the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and members of the Department of Internal Forces from the Ministry of the Interior. DP&R provided the interagency team technical assistance in the conduct of assessing disaster preparedness capabilities using a computer based, automated asset called the Disaster Preparedness Assessment Capability Tool (DPAC). This strategic level, computer aided assessment of Kyrgyzstan’s current status for Disaster Management capabilities was an integral element of the bilateral SNOW LEOPARD Exercise occurring between US and Kyrgyz military forces in country. It complemented the tactical and operational level assessments being conducted by the Mississippi Military Engagement Team as they observed deployed MES incident command centers and the National Emergency Operations Center during the exercise. The AGCMEP assessment is designed to help the MES and its interagency partners within the Kyrgyz Republic to identify priorities, within specific lines of effort such as communications or training and exercises, based on the results from the automated assessment tool. The MES self-identified priorities which emanate from the DPAC tool were used to inform a list of proposed activities and events over the next five years to help build resilience within the interagency Disaster Management community of practice.


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