Design Thinking in Collaboration with Innovi Group

Since August 2011, DP&R has partnered with the Inovi Group to provide Design Thinking expertise to  those interested in learning and applying the “Design Thinking” process made famous by David Kelley of IDEO and the Stanford Design School.  Design Thinking refers to the methods and processes for investigating ill-defined problems, acquiring information, analyzing knowledge, and positing solutions in the design and planning fields. In May 2012, DP&R supported the 2012 Design Thinking Boot Camp as part of the coaching team, facilitated by a team from Stanford University’s Design School. The three-day workshop immersed the participants, drawn from the Hawaii education community and industry leaders, in the Design Thinking method. The workshop equipped the participants with innumerous tools and method to tackle ill-structured problems and challenges they face in their contemporary environment. Many of those participants expressed interest in being a leader in their companies and schools to train others to encourage creative thinking and innovation.